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We understand that when it comes to your business, second-rate just won’t cut the mustard - and we agree!

That’s why we only provide hands-on support - no call centres, no outsourcing, just our team at the end of the phone up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter your question or query.

You can always give us a call, but we might have an answer to your question in our FAQs.

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We always aim to have you set up and running by the end of your installation day.

iN-FILE runs under your Windows system as a program. It has a separate secure log-in to ensure your files are protected. Within iN-FILE, you can scan, file, print, email* and store all documents - including PDFs, electronically generated documents and emails*.

*Outlook only

We have two types of iN-FILE licence - Full licence and View Only. With the Full licence you have full access to the system, including scanning, filing and searching for documents. Within your organisation, you set an individual as a Supervisor who sets the privileges for each user. The View only License allows users to view, print and email documents.

Whichever licence you have, they all run concurrently. So if you have five licenses within your organisation, five individuals of your choosing can be logged in at any one time.

We have a variety of options depending on your individual business needs. Our most popular indexing products are Bar-Coding and iN-2BASE but we also offer FTS (Full Text Search), Microsoft SQL Servers and Encryption. As most of our services are bespoke, we tailor our solutions to fit you - give us a call for more information.

Other services we can include in you iN-FILE package:

  • OCR - Our software that allows you to convert scanned PDF and images into editable Word, Text, Excel output formats. Great for those who have image heavy documents.
  • PDF conversion - We can scan or convert your text and graphics into a PDF file type. These look like a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted.
  • Microsoft SQL Server - As a licenced Microsoft provider, we can offer you Microsoft’s SQL database. This application allows you to store data in a way that can be easily found using other programs, such as iN-FILE, which are Microsoft SQL Server compliant.

We offer a variety of options to help you make the leap to a completely paper-free workplace.

From organising pick up of your documents, sorting through your files, scanning, indexing and burning them to CD or hard-drive.

If required, we can store backup copies of your documents for any length of time and we offer an indexing service.


Cloud solutions are essentially a network of computers that take the reliance on internal programs and hefty storage away from your local computer. With access to these online applications you’re no longer reliant on localised systems purely within your desktop.

The cloud is brilliant for streamlining your software and allowing for completely remote access to files. It also adds an extra level of security to your business by giving you a secure storage point for backups or copies of files.

In simple terms, it’s more reliable.

Multiple servers which are stored in various locations that are all connected - this makes a cloud. Because your information isn’t stored in a single place, it’s safe if any of the servers in the network go down. Meaning you’ll suffer no or minimal down time.

This type of server is also much more cost effective and means your solutions can be scaled to fit your business site traffic.

Cloud-based email is great for businesses who want to become mobile. Literally.

They can run across multiple devices without having to be synchronised or tied to any platform.

You can use cloud-based solutions for almost everything you used to use traditional desktop applications for. One of the most beneficial, which every business should look into implementing, is using cloud backups and file storage. It works to save space on your business network and gives you an added level of security.

For example, if your system becomes corrupted, copies of your files will remain safe and secure in the cloud – you’ll then be able to transfer them back to your system when everything is fixed.

To find out what cloud solutions Instate offer, see Our Products.


At Instate, we tailor all your solutions so you can custom build to your business preference.

A ‘Leased Line’ is simply a connection which links two locations together. This could be your business with another office or a data centre for example. They are often used to allow access to the internet or to let staff members work from home or other locations outside the office.

Leased lines are dedicated to your business, meaning you will be the only party privy to usage, allowing for faster speeds, even at peak times.

Some benefits of a leased line package include:

  • Faster download and uliload speeds
  • Connections that won’t slow at peak times
  • Greater reliability

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and essentially allows you to be on the internet and on the telephone at the same time. One of the main features of ADSL is that is offers faster download speeds but lower upload speeds, making it great for businesses who use the internet ‘passively’.

Ethernet-in-the-First-Mile is a resilient, high-speed internet connection using traditional copper cables rather than the fiber-optics used in FTTC. They are much cheaper than FTTC and can be installed into your business quicker than solutions using fibre-optics.

Fibre-to-the-Cabinet is simply a term used to describe ‘super-fast’ broadband using a fibre optic cable. It’s brilliant if your business needs a boost in it’s internet or requires very fast connections.

Generic Ethernet Access is a new way for individuals to access non-contended internet usage through FTTC solutions. The benefits of doing so are low installation costs coupled with higher speeds - great for any business working heavily on the internet on a day-to-day basis.