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From Shelves To Screen

Designed with simplicity in mind, iN-FILE Document Management works alongside your existing business applications, replicating and enhancing your processes and procedures…

Rather than reinventing the wheel, our document management system adapts to how you work and want to work. There are no complex operations to master, adoption of iN-FILE is simple, straightforward and stress free giving you the information at your finger tips.

No copy and pasting across programs, no installing updates every three minutes. iN-FILE is just beautifully easy.

iN-FILE can handle all manner of documents, so whether you’re scanning in paper documents or importing existing digital files, you can route them safely between users, already processed and archived, using our easy, EDM (Electronic Document Management) application.

No more switching between different programs or between digital and manual files. With iN-FILE you get an all-encompassing document management system capable of handling all your document needs.

When using iN-FILE the speed of document retrieval is amazingly quick, and that’s just one of the many benefits that you, as a typical client will experience. iN-FILEs auditing and security functions make it easier for you to adhere to ISO and legal compliance.

Who's got the File???

Well with iN-FILE everyone who has permission has access to the file, all at the same time, so no need to photocopy or print duplicates and certainly no need to wait around till someone has finished with it.

IN-FILE Software Explained

iN-FILE is a document and file management programme that offers significant advantages over the traditional filing process. Instead of filing paper documents, originals are scanned and then stored electronically. iN-FILE, however, goes beyond simply storing electronic copies on a hard drive it provides you with a complete paper handling system that enables you to file, store, retrieve, e-mail and manage your documents quickly and efficiently from your computer.

iN-FILE is a standard application, it’s Windows based (It runs on any current Windows infra-structure) and is delightfully easy to install and implement in a real environment.

The iN-FILE system allows you to scan all your paper files and store them in a database, meaning you can retrieve any scanned paper file from your desktop PC within minutes, you can also import any digital files (iN-FILE can store any file format) associated with their paper counter parts and have all your files together in one place.

iN-FILE allows you to index your files with up to 12 references, which allows you to cross reference with other documents held within the database.

The Benefits of iN-FILE

Cost Saving

Millions of documents can be stored on a PC disk drive costing £100. Budgets are no longer wasted on filing cabinets, files, document wallets, tab cards and valuable office space.

Space Saving

Virtual files free up space – a paperless clutter free office becomes a reality.

Greater Efficiency

With no paperwork flying around the office there are fewer, if any filing errors. Staff are able to concentrate on the work they have been employed to do rather than spending hours searching for that elusive POD.

Tailored to each Department or Customer

Databases set up to suit departmental or customer needs for their own authorised use.


Delight Customers, Clients and Co-workers by responding instantly to their queries, chasing up work, and digging out past projects effortlessly and without stress or fuss. Cool, Collected and totally unfazed.


Add pages to existing documents held within iN-FILE.

Increased Security

Paper is a vulnerable archival medium, easily compromised by events beyond your control. iN-FILE keeps it safe with passwords and back-up files. iN-FILE also as standard allows Group iN-Trays and Databases so only those users added to that group list will be able to access the information.


Move last year’s files into a new archive database.

Now have a look at iN-FILE options

As most of our services are bespoke, we tailor our solutions to fit you - give us a call for more information and pricing.