Say hello to iN-FILE

It’s simple really.

From filing to finding, storing physical records takes time and energy, and on top of this you’re faced with the costs too. If your business still relies heavily on paper documents, it’s perhaps time to consider going digital. That’s where iN-FILE can help.

iN-FILE allows you to scan, file, print, email and store all documents - including PDFs, electronically generated documents and emails - in one secure place on your desktop.

No copy and pasting across programs, no installing updates every three minutes. iN-FILE is just beautifully easy.

You can access your files online and invite others within your organisation, or clients, to view them for the length of time you see fit.

We also seamlessly install iN-FILE into your business - usually we’ll have you up and running by the end of the installation day.

Above all though, iN-FILE is cost effective. You pay for either a Full or View Only licence per person who will be using the system. These run concurrently - so if you have five licences, five individuals of your choosing can be logged in at any one time.

But what if I don’t have the hardware to use iN-FILE?

Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered.

We offer a variety of options to help you make the leap to a completely paper-free workplace.

From organising the pickup of your documents, sorting through your files and scanning, indexing and burning them to CD or hard-drive, we can take the faff out of document management.

Storage of backup copies of your documents for any length of time and indexing services are also included within certain packages.

We recommend

We love organisation so to make iN-FILE even more effective within your business, we offer a range of indexing add-ons.



In the same way that barcoding works within a supermarket, we can also add barcoding to your package.

To help you easily locate documents within iN-FILE, barcoding is a great way to index your records. For no extra hassle, we can install it alongside your iN-FILE software.



If you have a lot of files stored in other programs on your system, we recommend iN-2BASE.

This add-on works to pull information from a CSV file, templates it and then uses it to update your iN-FILE indexes.

But wait there's more

But wait there's more

Other services we offer as add-ons to iN-FILE include:

Full Text Search
Microsoft SQL Servers
Encryption of documents
PDF conversion

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As most of our services are bespoke, we tailor our solutions to fit you - give us a call for more information and pricing.