Horizon hosted VoIP is the future of business calls

Horizon is a fully-featured virtual business phone service hosted in the cloud, so there is no need for expensive hardware, on-site maintenance or costly PSTN / ISDN rental. Using HD sound quality handsets or mobile apps, it has all the features of an advanced phone system but with the flexibility to allow working from home, on the move or at any site with an internet connection or 4G connection. with 2,000 mobile and 2,000 landline minutes per month, per seat you'll maximise saving too.

The Benefits of Horizon

 Flexibility with phone numbers: move office and keep your same geographic number without any ongoing call forwarding costs

Features you can easily control: Horizon puts you in control with a extensive range of call handling and management features operated via a web interface.

'One number anywhere': Callers dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone; ongoing calls can be moved without hanging up and a single voicemail box can be accessed from any device.

An on-demand service with no hidden costs: you only pay for what you need on a per seat basis - as you are not buying a PBX there is no major hardware investment or financing.

Lower call costs: IP telephony delivers free site-to-site calls (including international) and cheaper call rates.

Flexible working: Horizon enables flexible work environments through hot-desking, home working, and extending the service to mobile devices.

Number choice flexibility: keep your existing number or get a new numbers no matter where you are located - have a London number in Leeds.

Business continuity: Horizon sits in the cloud so unexpected events won't disrupt your business.

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