Instate Technology is able to provide secure on-line backup services for all your business critical data at an affordable price.

Choose from single files to complete and multiple systems covering all your applications and operating systems to enable individual file restore or a complete system replacement in minutes.

The support of Windows Active Directory (or LDAP) allows user backup accounts to be created automatically and backup quota to be shared by a group of users. System administrators are able to customize the default backup setting for different users or user groups. It even allows client-side backup setting to be overridden by server setting at the system level, user level, and backup set level.

On-Premises, On-line or Hybrid Backups with all data held in the UK.

Instates Backup solution is a versatile application that allows backing up data to both local and offsite destinations, e.g. local hard disk, on-premises backup appliance, and managed online backup server located in our secured datacentre.

Our backup client includes dedicated backup modules for:

  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Group (DAG)
  • Microsoft Exchange Database
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • MySQL
  • Windows Bare Metal

and many more. This variety of modules provides almost any need for secured backup and high business continuity.

High Speed

The high compression rate combines with military grade encryption insures a quick and reliable backup. Instate’s client is equipped with speed optimizing technologies, including multi-threading, In-File Delta, fast indexing, small files optimization, unwanted file exclusion filter, etc.

100% Re-storable

No one wants to experience trouble during restore. Instate provides 100% successful restore service, as the corresponding data will have regular CRC integrity checking mechanism ensures the backed up data to be 100% re-storable.

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