It's time to embrace the cloud revolution

At Instate, we love our cloud. So much so we offer a range of cloud based services to help your business shake of the shackles of hardware restrictions.

What is cloud and how can it benefit my business?

Cloud solutions are essentially a network of computers that take the reliance on internal programs and hefty storage away from your local computer. In order to then run a particular cloud solution, you use an interface software rather than having to load several programs which would have powered the solution in the past.

Cloud solutions are brilliant for streamlining your software and allowing you complete remote access to files. It also adds an extra level of security to your business by giving you a secure storage point for backups or copies of files.

File Storage & Backups

As an increasing number of devices are being brought into use by businesses, having access to files from various platforms is more important now than ever. We can transfer and store a copy of your documents to our cloud system to make sure that whether you're in Australia or the USA, Japan or Mexico, your files travel with you.

Cloud backups can also help give you peace of mind about the security of your documents.

Even if your system is corrupted, copies of your files will remain safe and secure in the cloud – You’ll be able to transfer these back to your system when everything is fixed.

Server Hosting

We know how frustrating it can be when your service drops off unexpectedly. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. That’s why through our cloud solutions we’re happy to offer you our server hosting.

What’s different about cloud server hosting?

In simple terms, it’s more reliable.

Cloud server hosting involves channelling your hosting through multiple connected servers stored in various locations. Because your information isn’t kept in a single place, it’s safe if any of the servers in the network go down. Meaning you’ll suffer no or minimal down time.

This type of server is also much more cost effective and means your solutions can be scaled to fit your site traffic.

Storage of backup copies of your documents for any length of time and indexing services are also included within certain packages.

Email through the cloud

If your require a tailored fit for your email, our cloud email services should tick that box. No matter your system, we can host your emails through our cloud server.

What are the benefits of cloud-based email?

Cloud-based email is brilliant for businesses who don’t want to be tied to their office.

Whether you’re looking at your inbox from a mobile phone or a tablet, Cloud-based email can be ran across multiple devices without having to synchronise - meaning you can be on the go and still keep an eye on your inbox without the hassle.

We recommend

We love the cloud and so to make your business more effective we offer industry leading solution from our partners.

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As most of our services are bespoke, we tailor our solutions to fit you - give us a call for more information and pricing.